This summer I went SCUBA diving with my dad to Malta and IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!

SCUBA diving is something I would recommend for everyone to do if they have a chance because the life underwater is soooooooooooo different from what one would expect it to be. And no, it’s not the same as looking at an aquarium or even watching a good marine-life documentary. It’s really difficult to describe it but the moment you are submerged underwater it just feels like you are in some other world (or sometimes, especially when you’re in some underwater cave or passage, I think -so that’s how it feels to be a The National Geography reporter). Also, for the first time, I have tried diving at night, which was also superb- and I got to see lots of bioluminescence from the zooplankton, which was pretty awesome ;)

I also took a GoPro camera with me and filmed our dives. The clips are not very professional looking but they give a taster for the experience underwater.

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