Buzzing video

So I also wanted to do one of those educational videos that are now so popular on the Internet.
To warn you upfront, it’s my first try, so I look quite erratic and stutter quite a bit , nevertheless, I’m happy I have tried it :)

The video is about fly’s eyes and you probably think either ‘who cares about flies?!’ to which I would answer ‘Me- because I care about everything that I can ask questions about’ or you might think ‘Hmmm, flies…. I have no idea about how they see’ to which I would answer ‘Great! Lets learn something!’

Actually, the idea of doing something about flies came to me after my dad took this amazing image bellow (press on the picture to see it larger format). I think it’s just amazing how you can see every single facet in the eyes of that fly as well as those droplets of dew on its body :) And suddenly the fly seems to be not just annoying buzzing insect!


Ok, so here is the video. Please, don’t be too critical and hope you enjoy!

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