Rolling… but not in the deep

Simple ideas are ingenious and just 2 min from Wilson House one such idea can be found- the Rolling Bridge. I’m not sure if many people know of it but it’s really cool!!!  Here are some photos of it:







It’s made by Heatherwick Studio, which has done some really amazing projects and I hope to try to go around London and find some more of those masterpieces. If anyone would like to see the bridge it’s in Grand Union Canal at Paddington Basin and is activated only on Fridays at noon.

On a more Christmassy note- London is a great city for Christmas. Back in Lithuania Christmas decorations in towns come really late… and I mean late… like a week before… if at all. Moreover, you get the same decorations for ten years… on and on again… In London Christmas spirit starts in mid November and decorations are, indeed, amazing!!! I love how even the smallest streets are full of lights, Christmas trees and Christmas baubles. So, on Sunday evening I cycled to St. Pancras station for one special purpose (some might think I’s a waste of time, but I’m sure that those who, like me, are obsessed by puzzles and spent their childhood playing Lego games will understand)- to see the largest LEGO CHRISMAS TREE.








Chi chi... temptation
Chi chi... temptation

Someone had a lot of work putting all the bricks together…

P.S. St. Pancras station is one of the most impressive stations that I’ve seen so far. The inside of the building is like any other station but the outside… it’s more like a castle than anything else!!!



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