This weekend I escaped from London to go to Robogals meeting in Manchester.

I found out about Robogals at Imperial accidentally seeing a notice on Imperial webpage. To sum up it’s basically an organization that tries to introduce the discipline of engineering to the young girls. The problem is that most of engineering students and working professionals are usually males (Imperial students will confirm), which is appalling because girls can be as good at it as boys!!! So Robogals invites schoolgirls to workshops were they can build and program LEGO mindstorms robots and in this way encourages and develops their interest in engineering. The meeting we had in Manchester was basically a discussion how to spread a word about Robogals and, in general, deal with other problems that occur while organizing events. So, before I go on I would like to invite any volunteers to come and help to run the workshops. You don’t have to be an engineer, a girl or have ever programmed before, the only thing you have to do is like playing with LEGO+ like robots+ want to do something good for society (and lets face it who doesn’t?!). So if you are interested please leave a comment or send and email to . ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!


So, back to Manchester. It was my first try at programming and it was fun fun fun!!! Here is our first try J And the only thing I can think of is how to get a hold of one of these robots… I NEED TO HAVE IT!!!

Apart from having lots of discussions we also visited Manchester city stadium and although I’m absolutely not interested in football there were a few interesting things to see.  Bellow in the pictures you’ll see the fancy racing car chairs in home team’s changing rooms (apparently there’s a wooden bench in visiting team’s changing room). The button on the comfy blue chair is for heating it; apparently you don’t even need a coat if it’s snowing. I didn’t know how much care goes into looking after the lawn. The big lamps are set to allow constant photosynthesis, which improves thelushness of the grass. The man responsible for looking after the lawn even has an app on his phone so that he could turn on the sprinkles at any time, from anywhere he is in the world. The best players in the team earn 200,000£ per week (in my opinion this is a big nonsense)!

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