It’s a FACT #2

1.  This is very interesting video about déjà-vu, which has always fascinated me. And I never new that such thing as -hypnagogic jerk- existed but I sure have had one quite a few times ;0.  This also includes info about other “vu-s’ : Presque vu and Jamais vu. Vu… vu…. vu… vu…. It always surprises me that our brain is still basically a big black-box on our heads ;).

2.  The cinnamon challenge. Have you ever tried swallowing a teaspoon of cinnamon? If you have than you would know it’s almost impossible, if you haven’t than go to YouTube and you can see many people trying to do it (just don’t try to do it yourself, it’s quite dangerous). What usually happens is that a person just spews out all the cinnamon- and there’s a scientific reason why! Because cinnamon is made from the bark of tree it’s mostly cellulose which is an insoluble compound. Once a spoon of cinnamon goes into your mouth it basically coats the inside of your mouth, this dries it out and it becomes difficult to swallow the cinnamon and because you can’t swallow it cinnamon then produces a very unpleasant burning sensation. Of course, you still need to breath and as you inhale the cinnamon powder gets into your throat and lungs basically blocking the air passages. In the first three months of this year there have been more than a 100 reports of teenage cinnamon ‘poisoning’ in US.

3.  Before the late 15th century signs ‘-’ and ‘+’ were referred to as M (or m̄) and P (or p̄) , respectively. Luca Pacioli first used ‘+’ as a short hand for Latin ’et’ and ‘–’ probably came from the tilde on m̄. Sign ‘=’ was created by Welsh physician Robert Recorde in 1557.

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