Illustrating nature

If there’s one thing that I would like to see more in science education is teaching of scientific illustration. Todays science illustration is based on computer animation and photoshop edited images, which is not bad, science in all its forms has to keep up with all technological advancements especially because it helps to promote it. However, I cannot feel jealous for scientists from previous decades or ages who at the same time were real artists. If you have ever seen illustrations in Robert Hooke’s ‘Micrographia‘, well… I guess even mind-blowing doesn’t describe it!

And I’m not even starting on Da Vinci- talk about human limits!

Anyway here’s my attempt to become an artist! it’s not a real art but for someone who never had any other art education except for classes at school (which somehow never made me want to draw more then was necessary) and  scribbling in the corners of notebooks during boring lectures, I think it’s not too bad of an attempt either…


Bog turtle

Eastern Screech Owl
Tree frog

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