Hiking up and down

Since I’m in Switzerland I thought I should do some hiking here as well. Actually, I first thought it would be a bit boring because it seemed that it’s just walking and that’s basically it – nothing special! But it actually, turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience. I’m quite used to the Alps in winter but in summer they are completely different; peaks of snow, beautiful flowers and amazing views. Plus, hiking turned out to be a kind of meditation for me, because while walking from peak to peak and listening to various interesting podcasts, it felt that at least for now, I need not to worry about anything.

And now to add a scientific note :)

The picture you see above (of a leaf with many symmetric droplets) is actually not a morning dew. This is called guttation and that is what happens when the rate of water release through leaves of a plant (transpiration) during the night slows down compared to the day time. The slowing down of transpiration, however, is not sensed by the root cells that take up water from the ground. So the roots are pumping water into the plant but the plant is not able to release all of that water through the leaves. This leads to a build up of so called root pressure and the excess of water is basically pushed out through the rim of the leave.


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