Today I visited Welcome Trust Museum to the “Death- Self portrait” exhibition.

Overall the exhibition basically is a collection of many sculptures and drawings of skulls and skeletons, memento mori inscriptions and various Danse Macabre portraits. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that it’s a bad exhibition it’s just that I prefer to celebrate life while I can- Dum vivimus, vivamus.

Having said that, there definitely were a few interesting things in it.J But I wasn’t allowed to take pictures so I had to just pick pictures from internet to show you my two favorites:


Plasticine skull by Argentinian Mondongo Collective (notice the packman in the background)

Ironically metaphorical postcards

There was also another exhibition called Medicine Man and it contained a number of objects from Henry Wellcome’s personal collection. The few curiosities in it were:


  1. Napoleon Bonaparte’s toothbrush
  2. Snow goggles (no idea what you can see from those tiny slits…)
  3. Some other stylish goggles (wouldn’t be surprised if they come back into fashion one day)
  4. Charles Darwin’s walking stick (I would never have thought that Darwin would have a walking stick with green-eyed skull on it)
  5. Identification kit- to make bracelets for newborns so that they wouldn’t be mixed up in hospitals :)


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