Busy as a bee on holiday (no wonder its spring- rise and shine!)

Well, finally it’s the end of term!!! Uhhhhh it feeeeeeeels gooooooood… But I’m not planning to lie in bed and do nothing for a month, no way! I have a very busy time planned ahead.

The Pleasures of Spring


Firstly I’ve managed to arrange some amazing practice at Natural History Museum. I have already started to work in the entomology department there and have seen the specimens that Darwin has brought from his Beagle trip! I will also work for a short time in the botany department at nhm and do some DNA extraction, analysis and construction of phylogenetic trees. If I’ll get permission I’ll definitely post some ‘behind the scenes’ pictures here :] .


Secondly, I have a full list of iTunesU courses that I want to go through, including Roman architecture, Early Modern England, Philosophy, etc…(Most of them are from Yale university, if anyone cares, they have some great lectures available online that I would definitely recommend for anyone whose in for some additional knowledge). I also saw there are some interesting lunch talks at the British Museum that I would really like to listen too, so it would be great to find time for at least a few of them.


Thirdly, I want to bake!!! I miss baking sooooooo much!!! Damn you filthy kitchen!!! My hopes are that there would be less people during holidays, so I hope that the kitchen will be in  ‘rubbish-everywhere’ free condition and I would actually get to properly bake something.


Lastly, I know its holiday but I still have 50 lectures to revise and write an essay on the origin of new genes (amazingly interesting stuff!!!). Its better to do some work now than to suffer before exams and try to cram all the stuff into your head at the last moment. Besides this time I feel quite confident about my revision, I was working genuinely during this term and know that I will not need to learn all the things anew this time because I know most of them already (not being too modest and just as a footnote I’ve got 1st in all of my exams…YEY!!!)

And here are some Easter picks from London- love those eggs all around the city!


My favorite one, I would call it “A dreamy childhood”






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