The Tails For Metamorphosis

Marine tubeworms are sessile organisms found in variety of ocean ecosystems. Among the many different species of tubeworms some are real record breakers. If you ever heard of a tubeworm then you most likely have heard about Riftia pachyptila, usually called the Giant tubeworm, which can reach more than 2m in length and lives near […]

BAM’ing with Bacteriophage

You know, I sometimes think that animals are just walking colonies of multiple kinds of cells that evolved to live in a symbiotic relationship with one another. Seriously, it is highly unlikely that we would be able to survive without all the viruses and bacteria that live in and on us. We need these little […]

How to Keep your Fungal Garden Healthy

Leaf-cutter ants are absolutely fascinating little creatures. Found in North and South America, their colonies can contain up to 5 million ants and the queen of the colony can lay almost 30,000 eggs every day. These tiny workers have substantial impact on the ecological communities they live in: mixing the soil, selectively choosing which plants […]

Social Contagion: When Fish Go with the Flow

A propagation of behaviours between individuals is known as “social contagion”. This is just a fancy term that includes a range of things from information spread between users of the media to flocking behaviour in birds. However, while measuring the rate and direction of information spread is reasonably straightforward, how various forms of contagious behaviour […]

Sleep. Zzzzz… Why?

We spend almost 30 years of our lives asleep, however, we still have limited understanding about the function of sleep. Scientists and philosophers have been trying to understand why animals need sleep for more than 2000 years. In his book “On Sleep and Sleeplessness”, Aristotle wrote: “With regard to sleep and waking, we must consider what […]