There’s the Zürich Festival going on in Zürich this weekend. It’s an event that takes place only every few years but practically it’s just a big street fair. Nevertheless, it’s really lovely to see so many happy people out in the streets, lots of delicious food and hear music all around!!!


Minion hot-air balloon …chi chi chi
This looked scary…


The Zoo

I also visited the Zürich Zoo this weekend. I’m not a big fan of zoos, I just always find animals in captivity really depressing even though I know that good zoos are now more and more concerned about conservation rather than entertainment. Still, especially apes, are always so sad looking.

On the other hand, the Masoala Rainforest in the zoo was quite amazing! And the project is working closely with the people living near Masoala National Park in Madagascar to promote sustainable living and wildlife conservation in the area. The replica of the rainforest is present in 11,000m2 area in the zoo and has 60 different animal and 700 plant species in it.


The Rainforest
A chameleon couple, guess the sex?!

One animal that I was excited in seeing at the zoo (not that I think it should be there…) was a shoebill, which captured my attention the first time when I saw Africa documentary by the BBC.

Sorry, but I think the video bellow is only available in UK but I would definitely suggest seeing the Africa documentary (the shoebill is in episode 2) for everyone!


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