500 pictures later

Last couple of weeks had a few exciting things happening: got exam results back, got a research internship offer in Switzerland, had humanities exam…..


But the one thing I want to share with everyone is a result of a great teamwork and creative spirit!!! And that thing is the video that a group of us made for The Science Challenge competition.


The video category required to explain a scientific concept in a 3min movie.  It was almost an accident that we decided to do it and due to certain circumstances we only had one day to finish it. So the video you will see is basically a 24-hour nonstop work with energy supplied by munching on muesli and strawberries all night.

I have not coloured so much since the primary school but it was worth every second of it!

If you want to see the video right away then scroll down the page, otherwise, here are some picks from the creative process in progress….


And the result is here, judge for yourselves if it’s good or not. Full video is made of a bit more then 500 photos. :)

[youtube clip_id=”50QVPwVQdus&list=PLxhfxQLWUWeXsRmko3FYUc4Lg_OL5vd45″]

At least someone did think that the video was worth something and we actually have won the first place. We had a reception at the House of Lords and got to see a bit of the building (no pictures were allowed). I conclude: it’s a very very posh place with more restaurants in it then one would expect!

I had great fun making the video. It was also a challenge to present it in a way that a nonscientists would understand because when you talk about certain concepts every day you take for granted what is basic knowledge and what actually needs explaining…Well, I hope it’s not the last time that I get to do this sort of thing!!!


3 thoughts on “500 pictures later

  1. Well done!! I am very proud of you guys. You definitely deserved first place… it’s such an awesome video! I love how you describe it as being an “accident” – a good accident nonetheless. The behind-the-scenes photos are brilliant!

  2. Wow, just happened to come across this when searching for a DNA descrition (for a layman) I think your video is great – nice and easy to understand so congratulations on your fist place in the competition.

    many thanks

  3. You three must have had some GREAT biology instruction at Imperial! (just kidding). Congratulations on a well deserved honour. It is such a good video. I sent the link to everyone in my family in America.

    I’m very proud of you.

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