It’s a FACT #3

I haven’t written in a few weeks- that’s because of the exams and revision that I had … I promise to write something properly soon!!! In the mean time some more fun facts.

1. Bread was used as an eraser before erasers were invented. First rubber eraser was invented by   E. Nairne in 1770 who accidentaly picked up a piece of rubber instead of bread to erase something and discovered rubber’s erasing properties.

2. Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign was inspired by the last words of Gary M. Gilmore who was executed for the two murders he committed in 1977 in US.

3. The shape of the doughnut is called toroid and more precisely a type of toroid called torus. :)

4. All A size papers have ratio of √2 between the length of the longer and the shorter edges. This is the only paper measure that has same ratio across all of its types (the largest being A0 with an area of 1m2).

5. The Pythagorean cult, although, had thought of some awesome mathematical and philosophical ideas, it also had quite a few interesting/strange believes. These are a few rules that Pythagoras set for his followers: “Abstain from beans. Eat only the flesh of animals that may be sacrificed. Do not step over the beam of a balance. On rising, straighten the bedclothes and smooth out the place where you lay. Spit on your hair clippings and nail parings. Destroy the marks of a pot in the ashes. Do not piss towards the sun. Do not use a pine-torch to wipe a chair clean. Do not look in a mirror by lamplight. On a journey do not turn around at the border, for the Furies are following you. Do not make a detour on your way to the temple, for the god should not come second. Do not help a person to unload, only to load up. Do not dip your hand into holy water. Do not kill a louse in the temple. Do not stir the fire with a knife. One should not have children by a woman who wears gold jewellery. One should put on the right shoe first, but when washing do the left foot first. One should not pass by where an ass is lying.”

6. Some birds display anting behaviour, were they sit on top of an ant hill and apply ants all over their bodies. This is thought to be the way in which birds get rid of the parasite because ants secrete formic acid which although, is the thing that makes ant bite so itchy to us, also has insecticide and bactericide properties. Interestingly, some scientists suggest that anting can be addictive to birds just as cigarettes are to humans. These anting-addicts literally spend hours sitting on the ant hill while ants bite them!

Blackbird anting

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